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GP's run an appointment system for both doctors and nurses. There is set times for these appointments,. We will attempt to provide appointments at times that suit your schedule, however this may not be possible at all times. You can make an appointment by telephone or by coming into the surgery. You will be offered an appointment with a doctor/nurse but we cannot guarantee that it will be with a doctor/nurse of your choice. Please ask for more than one appointment if you require more than one patient to be seen. Any annual check ups can be arranged with a nurse.


Consultation time is precious - if you have a few problems to discuss, please ensure you book a double appointment. Please ensure you cancel any appointment which you are unable to attend.

Doctor Appointment

Monday – Friday 10 minute appointments


Morning appointments are released from 8:20am and you must contact the surgery before 10:00am for an appointment on the day. Afternoon appointments are made available 7 days in advance and are released after 10:00am daily. Telephone appointments are also available with a doctor for which you can call on the day.

Minor Illness

Monday – Friday 8:30-10:00am (mornings only)


One problem/short appointment



To be seen in this surgery you must have only ONE PROBLEM which can be dealt with quickly. You will usually see the Nurse first followed by a Doctor – this appointment should only last a few minutes.



Please use this service wisely for the benefit of all our patients – if you are unsure whether the Minor Illness Surgery is suitable please see below for examples.

Suitable for Problems such as:

Skin infections


Simple coughs/colds

Sore throats

Diarrhoea/vomiting which have not improved within a few days or following advice from a Chemist

Contraceptive pill repeat

Contraceptive injection repeat

HRT repeat



Sick note (not forms)

Quick medication review

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Unsuitable for Problems such as:

Need for a referral



Chest pain

Stomach pains


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