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The podiatry department delivers special clinics in the following areas led by specialist podiatrists and advanced practitioners working in:

  • Diabetes including assessment and management of foot ulcerations

  • Paediatrics

  • Musculoskeletal services

  • Falls services

Podiatry Core Service:

  • Core podiatry and maintenance

  • Foot health education and patent empowerment

  • Minor surgery

  • Foot care

  • MSK/Biomechanics

  • High risk management

Podiatry also delivers a service to diabetes inpatients and out patients as well as an inpatient service to patients without diabetes.




Patients aged 16 and over can self refer to Podiatry, with no action needed from the GP.

For children up to the age of 16, parents can either self refer their child or request a referral via the GP.


Please note that Podiatry will NOT treat verrucas in adults or children                                               









Referral forms are also available from the Community reception in Northenden Health Centre.


Appointments - 0161 945 3624 

Email -

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