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Patient Participation Group

Patient participation groups were developed as a way to extend patient involvement. A format that encourages people to engage with the NHS at the same time as engaging in their own health care. They can provide practical support for the practice and can contribute to the continuous improvement of services. 

The practice's PPG group meets on a six-weekly basis.  The minutes from the last meeting are attached below.



•To participate in the health improvement of the local population

•To encourage patients to engage in their own healthcare



•To have Knowledge on issues that impact on health

•Being a signpost to other services. agencies

•Sharing experience & feeding back

•Identifying areas with scope for improvement

•Highlighting excellence

•Turning knowledge into action

•Supporting change

•Bringing peers together for mutual encouragement

•Promoting self-management•Linking into the community


What can you do to help?

• Provide services/facilities in the surgery i.e. resource library, health promotion information (where space allows)

• Help with patient surveys, and discuss results

• Contribute to service development and decision making

• Lobby local organisations, patients etc.


This is not!

•A forum for individual complaints

•A tool for Implementation of the Governments or any individuals pre-determined agenda

•Unwanted extra workload


If you are interested in joining this group, please email:

PPG meeting - minutes

TUESDAY 16th MARCH 2021 

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