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Specialist Clinics/Appointments

Baby Clinic - This is for baby weight and immunisations and is run by Health Visitors every Thursday between 1:00 and 2:30pm.


Immunisations are completed by one of Practice Nurses, if required. Please Note: Immunisations are limited so please arrive early.

Travel Health - Our specially trained nurses provide travel health advice, immunisations and vaccinations.


To book into the travel clinic: 

Please complete and return a travel risk assessment form (also available from reception) and pay a £5 refundable deposit per person.

The reception staff will then book you a 20 minute appointment. 

Please note: sufficient time between your appointment and travel is necessary, as some vaccinations require more that one dose. Please make sure that your appointment is at least eight weeks before travel. If there is not sufficient time between your appointment and travel your vaccinations may not be able to be completed.

Smoking Cessation/STOP Smoking 

Appointments available at the surgery to help patients quit smoking. 

If you are interested in stopping smoking, please contact the surgery and book a 20 minute appointment with one of our practice nurses.

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